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Audio IP Extension (for PCI cards only)

This extension is needed only if you are using PCI cards (legacy cards without on board RJ45 connector).

SOUND4 Universal All Products Installer (In-Box or PCIe card)

Version for legacy SOUND4 customers and Omnia.S4 customers who want to get latest GUI with new functionalities...

Full RDS Extension

The Full RDS is running thanks to this extension, it is compatible with all HD/FM products.

Main Installers


Streaming Extension (for SOUND4 STREAM x2, x4, x8 and HD/FM Processors)

The Streaming Extension is the streaming Engine for the SOUND4 STREAM WebRadio Processor. The Streaming Extension is also sold in option for HD/FM Processors...

Products Extensions


Link&Share Transmitter

The Link&Share is our universal and open protocol to send commands by script to SOUND4 Products...

Products associated Tools


Remote Support Tool

If you need a remote support handled by our Technical team, SOUND4 proposes you for free the third party TeamViewer Remote Control Solution...

Support Tool


Alarm Stacker

The Alarm Stacker is a configurable supervision tool. It may send you e-mail in case of malfunction.

In-Box Admin Ethernet Setup

For In-Box Products and intended to "Admin" Ethernet port setup when there is no front panel on the product (eg: BIG VOICE² Base).  

Universal All Products


Admin Ethernet Setup