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The SOUND4 IMPACT PCIe card...


  • 100% autonomous in terms of resources, the card only requires power from the PC.

  • 4 inputs: AES from 32 to 192kHz, analog, IP (Livewire or SOUND4 IP CONNECT) and PCI (audio driver).

  • Mixing of inputs and automatic safety function.

  • 5 simultaneous and independent outputs: TX1, TX2, AES, Analog IP  (Livewire or SOUND4 IP CONNECT) and PCI (audio driver)

  • Routing of signals for outputs.

  • Relay switch for automatic by-pass.

  • Digital AES/EBU synchronisation input.

  • DSP computing power: 4 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating point).

  • GUI and driver compatible 32 & 64 bits(Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, 2008 R2, 2012) and Linux (Debian).

  • Multicard driver (the quantity of PCIe slots will be the only limit to the number of cards admissible in the same PC).

  • Start-up time of the SOUND4 IMPACT card: 2 seconds max to be On Air!

  • Ready for the future: 100% upgradeable and fast. While updating the card, the sound is interrupted for only two seconds.

A hyper user-friendly control interface…


  • Setting of sound from one single screen! No more opening and closing of windows for going from one function to another.

  • “Easy” mode and “Full” mode: Easy - the mode where everything is simple and rapid; Full, for exploring all the processor functionalities. Ultra-rapid vu meter for true control over modulation.

  • versioning function for presets with unlimited “Undo/Redo” and possibility of recall.

  • Innovative “compare” function with notion of reference .

  • Log function for presets.

  • A readable and interactive diagram.

  • A remote connection manager to control several processors.

  • Works on operating systems: WXP SP3, W7 32& 64 bits, W8 32 & 64 bits, WS 2008 R2, WS 2012, Linux (Debian)



HQ Sound, Main sampling process frequency 192 kHz.

  • 2-band AGC

  • 4-band EQ + Tone FX and Stereo FX.

  • Stereo enhancer

  • 6-band process with Fidelity and Sound Impact
    System (S.I.S).

  • 3-band limiter.

  • 4-band EQ

  • Final limiters

    • FM path: Bass Clipper + FM Limiter + MPX Limiter

    • HD path: Look Ahead limiter for the HD outlet.

  • BS412 compliant MPX power controller.

  • Ultra low delay: 30 milliseconds


Others key points:

  • Stereo Matrixing for a better stability in loudness and sound tone when the receiver switches from momo/stereo/mono.
  • 19 kHz Embedded pilot to gain close to 1 dB in loudness  



  • Basic RDS encoder (with scrolling PS)

  • Full RDS (UECP compatible)

  • IP Codec: SOUND4 IP Connect

  • Audio Backup (function made possible thanks to our audio driver).

  • Audio streaming: 6 encoders (MP3, AAC, HE-AAC v1 & v2), compatible with all delivery servers (Icecast, Shoutcast v1 & V2, Flash, Wowza...)

  • Replication of inputs.

  • Link&Share : 100% of parameters are accessible through telnet protocol
  • Pannels: to create your own pannels with unlimited fonctionality
  • Preset Sharing: The ultimate solution to manage unlimited number of processors and get all automatically updated if a modification is done on one...

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