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Fields of application of the SOUND4 PULSE...


SOUND4 PULSE is a 3-band processor, i.e. the smallest product in the FM product line. It is particularly well adapted for the following uses:


  • For small radios, as a principal processor. This is the guarantee of compliance with radio broadcast standards while at the same time it has a strong, clear and balanced sound


  • By finalizing the transmitter, after a SOUND4 PULSE that might be in the studio. There again, this is an ideal use to guarantee respect of the standards


  • For Radios seeking natural but powerful tonalities


  • As a processor for a WebRadio, here again you will be surprised by its algorithms specially optimized for this kind of application. Furthermore, its low cost makes it affordable for any radio station wishing to set itself off from other stations


  • As a small standby processor, its low cost is no longer an obstacle


The SOUND4 PULSE can thus be used as an audio broadcaster thanks to the PCIe entry driver, as a processor thanks to the processing functions and as an Audio streamer thanks to the streaming option.


An FM, HD, DAB, DRM, WebRadio processor...


The SOUND4 PULSE is the first small processor that has been specially developed for new radio markets. The outputs can thus be used simultaneously for FM and for HD, DAB, DRM, and of course on WebRadio.

An integrated Backup solution…


Much more than a mere processor, the SOUND4 PULSE has Audio Backup functionalities. The only limit will then be the capacity of the hard disk to store audio files. It is thus the first processor that guarantees continuity of the On Air program!

An integrated basic RDS encoder...


The SOUND4 PULSE optionally includes a basic or a full RDS encoder, the latter being compatible UECP. At least the “Basic” RDS allows scrolling PS!

Compliance with all standards...

The SOUND4 PULSE is 100% respectful of the various radio broadcast standards worldwide. It thus meets the following criteria:

  • Excursion in frequency: once the level of output is fixed at 75kHz, it will never go beyond this maximum limit


  • Multiplex Power: present mainly in Europe, the ITU-R 412 recommendation can be applied perfectly in accordance with the requirements of the radio broadcasting authorities.

3-Band HD/FM Processor