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SOUND4 STREAM x8, the first 8-channel Processor and streaming solution


The SOUND4 STREAM x8 is the 1st multi-channel processor dedicated to WebRadio bouquets. It can simultaneously and independently process 8 radio streams on a single PCI express card.


The SOUND4 STREAM x8 offers 8 inputs and 8 outputs through Audio Driver (WDM/Direct Sound) and/or AES67/Livewire.


SOUND4 Stream streaming engine can provide 6 streams per channel (48 streams total!). Each stream is settable on latest codecs generation (AAC, HE-AAC, HEAACv2 and also MP3).


The SOUND4 STREAM x8 is also powered with the popular audio IP Livewire standard


Livewire* is the IP-Audio networking standard which uses Ethernet to provide an easy way to route and share audio and logic throughout the broadcast plant.


"Everyone agrees that IP-Audio is the future. There are already more than 1,500 studios around the world powered by Axia Livewire networks," says Axia Vice-President Marty Sacks. With Livewire, a single Ethernet cable carries all mics in real-time and uncompressed digital audio, device control messages, program associated data, and even routine network traffic. No need to break the chain, the SOUND4 STREAM x8 will work as a resource which can be routed and inserted everywhere in the Livewire* chain




A true Processing chain, not just a sofware plug-in...


In terms of Sound Processing, the The SOUND4 STREAM x8 includes a true processing chain dedicated to webstreaming :

  • AGC

  • Tone FX

  • Stereo FX

  • 3-Band Process

  • 4-Band Limiter

  • Brick Wall Limiter !


The SOUND4 STREAM x8 also features the « Predictive HQSound » algorithm which optimizes codec result and reduces compression-induced sound artifacts.


Get the most advanced coding solutions for a wide target delivery support


In terms of Encoding, the SOUND4 STREAM x8 offers a complete and innovative solution.


The SOUND4 STREAM x8 is the high quality encoding engine that suits every IP audio device profiles. Indeed it is the 1st processor that includes a sound optimizer for very low encoding rates (16 kbps, 24 kbps, 32kbps…).


Moreover, an Adaptive Processing can correct each stream independently in order to compensate the sound difference due to encoding (another SOUND4 STREAM x8 innovation!). Thus a radio station can easily generate different streams that suit the targeted audience, low rate for mobile phone, high rate for home device, with homogeneous sound whatever the encoder used.


Finally, the SOUND4 STREAM x8 adapts to most of the standards used for streaming delivery systems (Flash, Darwin, Helix, Wowza, Icecast 2, Shoutcast v1 & v2…)


Metadatas advanced management


In terms of Meta-Data, the SOUND4 STREAM x8 is compatible with the different standard formats and can interface to many automation software thanks to a XML-based gateway (A2I, BE, BSI, Enco, Jazler, Netia, NextGen, RCS, Winmedia…)

Sound Processing, Encoding and Streaming,

The All-In-One solution for WebRadio bouquets


New! Available in 3 versions...

2 channels > SOUND4 STREAM x2

4 channels > SOUND4 STREAM x4

8 channels > SOUND4 STREAM x8