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SOUND4 VOICE ULA8, a World First...


  • The first 3-band, 8-Channel Voice Processor


  • The first AES67 / LIVEWIRE+ Voice Processor compatible


  • The first “Session Recall” Voice Processor


  • The first “In-House Users presets centralization”



Much more than a simple Noise Gate + a Compressor


SOUND4 VOICE ULA is powered with the revolutionary HQSound 192kHz Audio Processing engine, a SOUND4 patented technology.


Its processing structure includes an advanced DeEsser, a 3 band noise gate, a 3 band processor, a 4 band parametric EQ, a brick wall limiter… yes really much more than a simple noise gate + a compressor…


SOUND4 VOICE ULA is flexible, its adaptability to all kind of voice is amazing. From Natural tone to Big and very Structured tone, everything is possible in few clicks…


In advanced mode the SOUND4 VOICE ULA is also the perfect tool for production studios.



Universal Lan Audio version


The SOUND4 VOICE Voice exists in several versions, here it's the Livewire & RAVENNA compatible version, the first multichannel voice processor 100% compatible with Axia products and RAVENNA products.


Livewire* is the IP-Audio networking standard which uses Ethernet to provide an easy way to route and share audio and logic throughout the broadcast plant. "Everyone agrees that IP-Audio is the future. There are already more than 1,500 studios around the world powered by Axia Livewire networks," says Axia Vice-President Marty Sacks. With Livewire, a single Ethernet cable carries all mics in real-time and uncompressed digital audio, device control messages, program associated data, and even routine network traffic. No need to break the chain, SOUND4 VOICE ULA will work as a resource which can be routed and inserted everywhere in the Livewire* chain


On SOUND4 VOICE ULA you just get what you need: a Livewire IP or RAVENNA connection for Inputs and Outputs.


You are an Axia user or a future Axia user, you will save money comparing traditional solutions, a SOUND4 Voice ULA will catch your Mic ID (from nodes or Mixers), process separately each channel and then send it back to the mixer on new ID.



At last a Voice Processor dedicated to "Live Studios"...
















SOUND4 VOICE ULA has been studied for Live studio requirements. The dedicated graphical user interface shows all 8 Mics, status, affectations and Users Names. Recalling a Mic to a user is done in two clicks…


More and more… SOUND4 introduces now the “Session Recall”: it is possible to save all Mic’s affectations + loaded users presets, and then recall all in one click! SOUND4 VOICE ULA is also externally automatable for dayparts automatic sessions recall…


HQSound 192 kHz Audio Processing Engine

New! Available in 3 versions...

2 channels > SOUND4 VOICE ULA2

4 channels > SOUND4 VOICE ULA4

8 channels > SOUND4 VOICE ULA8


8-Channel Voice Processor, AES67 & Livewire compatible