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More than 29 years of experience


Our specialty above all is processing audio signals. Backed up with more than 29 years of experience in this field, we naturally began in analog technologies only to go on to open up new horizons in digital. In the past, our team has already signed numerous innovations and products that have made a difference on the markets.


After sound HD/FM Processing, we have launched a new range of Audio IP Networking solutions.


In 2010 we have launched the first multichannel Voice processor and also integrated the Livewire Audio IP standard. Today a majority of our products are compatible with Livewire. This product already received two distinctions: The Innovation Trophy at Paris in 2010 and the Pick Hit Award during the NAB 2012 in Las Vegas.


April 2012,  we launch a new product range dedicated to WebRadio bouquet... This product (SOUND4 x8) has received a Cool Stuff Award during its first presenation at NAB 2012 at Las Vegas!


No restricting itself to processing the sound, transmit a signal over IP...


It goes without saying that we, too, have the best sound! This is a subjective point of view that is always open to discussion.
What is not, however, is the difference in functionalities offered by our products. While everyone offers only processing or audio Ip codecs... we add numerous functionalities.
Example for an FM/HD processor:

  • RDS encoder
  • Audio Backup
  • Multi-outlet
  • Audio over IP extension
  • ...



Basically, you are the winners...

No more piling boxes… our solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction: depending on the configuration, savings can be as high as 80%!

  • Reliability: the probability of breakdowns is always less than in a pile of boxes

  • Saving space: this an important argument, since nowadays racks are never enough for all the equipment

  • Reduction of heat: yes, this is also something to take into account

  • Open-endedness: 100% upgradeable, our solutions will meet your needs at all times

  • Intelligent interconnection with the rest of the chain... particularly with music programming…

The Company

The Market...


It is enough to take a look at the broadcast signal processing market to see that there have been very little innovations in this field. All competitors are copying each other and of course all claim to have the best sound. However, the market expects much more!


SOUND4 opens USA office...


SOUND4 is a French company, launched in 2007. The main objective of SOUND4 was to create a range of multi-function PCI and PCI express card products.

It all started with FM/HD Processing products, and continued with an innovative and unique "networking" solution for audio transport over IP; our product range has grown even more with Voice Processing, Internet streaming products for Internet radio, and our playout is the first Livewire/Ravenna/AES67 compatible card.

We officially announced our alliance with the Telos Group at IBC 2013, worked together to create a new stand alone voice processor (Voco 8), and shared technology between the two companies to broaden our horizons.

In December 2015 we stopped the merging process with the American Group as the differences in our strategies distracted our product focus.



Las Vegas - NAB 2016, SOUND4 announces the creation of SOUND4 USA is represented by Mike Oberg, a broadcast processing specialist. Our new U.S. office will manage sales and support for the U.S. and Canada.


Why Mike Oberg? In Vegas at NAB 2015 Mike met Vincent Defretin and Camille Gonnet two founders of SOUND4, Mike was consulting for another audio processing company at the same time Camille and Vincent were in the merging process with this same company. After only a few conversations during breakfast it became very clear that the three were meant to work together and follow their passion for great yet affordable audio, it's as though they had known each other for decades.


After NAB Mike replaced one of his stations processors with a SOUND4 IMPACT and was "so impressed with the sound of the first preset I tried I just could not believe the power I heard and the potential it possessed". In early 2016, they decided to create SOUND4 USA and today they are now officially a team, "The SOUND4 team" and together the combined talent and passion for great sound at an affordable price will lead to amazing products on the air the world over.