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Vincent Defretin
Project & Product manager


Vincent has extensive experience in audio processing and audio design. He was technical director for several large french national stations before deciding to follow his passion of creating sound processing equipment. You may know Vincents’ products from IDT, the company he founded prior to starting SOUND4.  His many product designs include: Sound Design, Sound Style, DVP, DPT4, DBP7+4, VZ20, VZ40,  and many others.

Key Persons

Camille Gonnet
DSP Project manager


Camille is the co-founder of SOUND4. Although more people may know Vincent, it was actually Camille who designed the first broadcast processing to operate using FFT.  He’s a co-designer in many of the products of both IDT and SOUND4.

Damien Jondet
Head of Software Development


Head of software devopment for SOUND4. Designing open architecture requires true software know-how. This is Damien’s speciality.

Eric Heurtel
System Architect and Head of Hardware Development


CGood system design is the cornerstone of a reliable, quality product. Eric’s goal is to anticipate what the challenges the future will bring and make sure he provides hardware designs that will create a versatile, flexible platform that grows as the products do.

Magali Marchais
Ergonomics and Design Manager


Magali is in charge of creating our user interfaces. The simplest of products can be complicated if their user friendless has not been well thought out.  Magali works very hard on making those simple, elegant, user friendly interfaces SOUND4 is known for.


Mike is a current radio station group owner, and former engineer with most of his time spent at ABC, prior to engineering Mike was an on air DJ but was always tinkering with the equipment. His love for radio started at a very young age and he became obsessed with the unique sound of WBLS-FM New York in his teens and has been a processing savant ever since, traveling the globe adjusting boxes for many stations and groups. 


Mike Oberg